Mabunga boys play Twister

In another Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com exclusive, JM de Guzman, Kid Yambao, Jairus Aquino and Kiko Estrada are all taking a break from the intense drama on Pamilya Ko to play Twister! To make this game more challenging, the Mabunga boys will also be answering questions about their cast as they try to hold their positions. Who will survive until the end?

There is no denying that JM eats the most out of everyone. But that is okay since he is the one who often treats them to some food. Joey Marquez and Kid are the jokers on set and can make anyone laugh. So, it is no surprise that the Hashtag member is also friendliest with ladies. On the other hand, do not ask Kiko for jokes, unless you want something corny. He is also the only one that you will not see posting an Instagram story every day.

When it comes to acting, they admire one another and only have praises. Although, Jairus usually does the most takes because he easily gets the giggles. Probably since their cast has a lot of fun on set. While they are all talented, no one can beat Sylvia Sanchez when it comes to crying on cue.

In the end, two of them were eliminated. The first was struggling from the beginning. As a consequence, he had to dance the Tala Challenge. The second lost because he still has to work on his flexibility. So, he had to deliver the closing spiel in baby talk. Check out this video to find out who these two are, and to see JM, Kid, Jairus and Kiko act like real brothers!