No ref? No problem! Maris demonstrates food preservation methods in Pamilya Kowentuhan!

The need to stock up on food can’t be overly emphasized especially in these uncertain times. And while canned goods are cheap and convenient, healthier options like fruits and vegetables must be strictly included in our diet. However, not every family has the luxury to store fresh produce inside a fridge. Well, consider that dilemma solved as Maris Racal aka Peachy of the Mabunga Family demonstrates basic food preservation methods on OKS (Online Kapamilya Shows)’ “Pamilya Kowentuhan.”

En route to becoming a kitchen expert, Maris learned how to properly store veggies in order to keep them fresh. Her first tip is to implement ‘distancing’ between potatoes and onions. Keep them in separate containers as these two produce gases that easily spoil the other.

“Treat leafy vegetables like they’re flowers,” says Maris. So, to keep them fresh and extend their shelf life for at least a week, you will need a pot or a jar. Even a real flower vase will do the trick. Fill the container with water and then, carefully place the veggies inside. The bunch of greens will end up looking neat and pretty that they can serve as kitchen decors as bonus.

For other vegetables like string beans and carrots, arrange them first on a clean surface. Keep them moist by covering them with a damp cloth. 

Don’t worry about tomatoes because they could last for weeks or more than a month by simply storing them in a dry location at room temperature.

The next segment shows Kira Balinger aka Lemon preparing a sweet and healthy present – a fruit basket loaded with Vitamin C! Kira opts for lots of apples, oranges, pears, a papaya, and lemons, which is also great for killing bacteria on household surfaces and the skin. From the Mabunga fam, the fruit basket goes to the Alforte Family of Quezon City. “Sana I could make you smile. Don’t lose hope. Pray and find the silver lining in the situation,” expresses Kira whose greatest feat this pandemic is learning how to be more kind, compassionate, and caring towards others.

The Mabungas beam with pride over Maris’ useful tips and Kira’s act of kindness. Sylvia Sanchez and Joey Marquez both agree that nothing – not even a catastrophe or being stuck at home – will hinder the Filipino spirit of bayanihan, adding that a little help can create a loud impact. At the end of the day, their biggest wish as Team Mabunga is to inspire other families as well especially at a time of crisis. To end the episode, JM De Guzman underscores the value of self-love, saying that taking care of yourself enables you more to help others.

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