Kit Thompson describes his Pamilya Ko co-stars in one word

If you were fooled by his good looks and sweet words, do not worry because you are not the only one! When James (Kit Thompson) walked into Betty’s (Arci Muñoz) life, no one expected that he was actually plotting against the Mabungas to avenge his mother Loida (Irma Adlawan). In case you forgot who Loida is, she is Fernan’s (Joey Marquez) ex-mistress who shot Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) with a gun.

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So, it is no surprise that viewers love to hate James. When asked about how he feels about the fans’ reaction, Kit said that it is a good thing that netizens hate him. This just means his performance as the villain is effective.

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Behind the scenes, however, he is having tons of fun with the cast of Pamilya Ko. In this exclusive Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com interview, the Kapamilya actor described the mood on set as light. Kit added that his co-stars are nothing short of professional and talented which makes it easy to work with them.

If he had to describe them with one word, he shared that JM de Guzman is cool, Joey is chill, and his on-screen mother Irma is funny. Meanwhile, Arci is just spectacular because of all the laughs they have in between takes.

As James’ identity is slowly uncovered, we all want to know what the antagonist plans to do next. But, of course, Kit does not want to spoil anyone. “You will all be shocked,” he teased. For now, all he wants to say is a thank you for all the love. He hopes that Kapamilyas will continue to support him.