Kid cooks yummy tuna patties out of relief goods on Pamilya Kowentuhan

Yet another inspirational, enriching—and savory—kwentuhan transpired on Independence Day Friday, June 12, in “Pamilya Kowentuhan” on OKS (Online Kapamilya Shows).

Not only were we enlightened with words of wisdom from the cast of Pamilya Ko, we were likewise given pointers how to make the most out of the relief goods we receive during the pandemic.

No matter the volume of donations we accept, we still can make do with what we have, as what our favorite, witty Mabunga sibling revealed in “Pamilya Koarantips.” 

Kid Yambao, who plays the Pamilya Ko character Apol Mabunga, demonstrated this by whipping up a sumptuous dish out of those simple food donations local government units distribute to affected households. 

Kid showed us how to prepare yummy tuna patties with ingredients from food items part of the quarantine relief goods, such as canned tuna, eggs, and crackers. Mixing all the ingredients by hand, he then formed patties out of it, then fried it.

A crispy, juicy, and delectable snack is done to satisfy the cravings of everyone at home.

The rest of the Mabunga family were impressed by Apol’s useful cooking idea. Such becomes more meaningful, delicious and special, as Sylvia Sanchez, the Mabunga matriarch Luz said, if it is done out of genuine love. Meanwhile, JM de Guzman (Chico), Maris Racal (Peachy), Kira Balinger (Lemon), Mutya Orquia (Cherry), Raikko Mateo (Pongky) and Jairus Aquino (Persi), all agreed that the dish is practical, ingenious, and should be very scrumptious when they get to taste it.

In the end, they all shared all their key takeaways from the episode, with Joey Marquez, who plays Tatay Fernan, saying that he was surprised to discover that young people nowadays, like Kid, know a lot of things that elders can also learn from. He also encouraged viewers that whatever happens in the face of the current crisis, they should always think positive.

Sylvia, meanwhile, stressed that men, just like Kid, should learn how to cook to show his love to whoever he shares his life with—a wife, partner or even his parents.

With Kid’s example, Maris said that we can achieve things we least expect. Kira, on the other hand, implored us to accept and appreciate what we have and not ask for more, since many are suffering with less. Kid agreed, saying we should learn to become contented with the blessings we receive no matter how minimal or simple they are. JM would reiterate to count our blessings, and said we should not compare what we have with others. Raikko would also praise Kid for the helpful idea of making the most out of simple things, just like making a mouth-watering snack just out of canned tuna that could be shared to many people, just like the COVID-19 frontliners. And Jairus would declare that Kid’s dish is a perfect example of Filipinos who can do anything, even with the simplest things.

The episode’s “Pamilya Kolab” featured Barangay Kagawad Maria Luisa Penascosa from Pasay City who shared her experiences as a community frontliner. She said they continue to sacrifice and serve the people despite the serious health risks by enforcing quarantine rules, such as monitoring the use of quarantine passes, wearing face masks, and practicing social distancing, for the safety of all. She encouraged everyone not to lose hope amid the current crisis and said we are sure to overcome this soon.

Watch to learn more about cooking Kid’s tuna patties with more nuggets of wisdom from the Pamilya Ko cast in this episode of “Pamilya Kowentuhan.”