JM De Guzman Pong Challenge

Singer-actor JM De Guzman pens a beautiful love song out of the pains of unrequited love. This fresh single released under Star Music is titled “Asa”. The ‘hugot’ piece may be inspired by the real-life sufferings of a tormented heart but when asked in a ‘Truth or Dare’ game to name drop the celebrity who already gave him false hopes, JM simply jokes about being toyed by Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore.


JM takes a quick break from talking about all things ‘paasa’ and ‘sawi’ by playing a Pong Challenge with a twist. A perfect shot in a cup corresponds to a question while a missed one equates to a consequence. JM unfortunately loses on the first round, hence, the bold red lips all throughout the video. Meanwhile, when tasked to prank call and serenade a Pamilya Ko co-actor with the chorus of “Asa”, the heartthrob dials her on-screen partner, Alyssa Muhlach, also starring on his music video.


The mixed martial artist proves himself a sharp shooter, so we’re able to get to know him better as he answers more questions truthfully. According to JM, his style of sweeping a girl off her feet simply entails sincerity and sweetness. Looking for evidence? He once orchestrated a grand romantic surprise for an ex-girlfriend in an acoustic-themed bar. As the event unfolded, the guests who he tapped earlier handed the lucky girl pieces of roses. He then serenaded the lady on stage while a montage of their relationship highlights rolled in the background.


He had four relationships in total with the first one lasting only for a day, hence, it’s his least favorite. His second to the last relationship might have shattered his heart into pieces but the experience brought him growth and maturity.


On JM’s wrist inked his most treasured body art, a Bible quote on Matthew 19:26, “With man this is impossible, but with God everything is possible.” Rated as the least favorite is a tiny tattoo on his thumb which he got as character requirement for Pamilya Ko.


The leading man considers his kissing scene with Rhian Ramos in the 2018 film “Kung Paano Siya Nawala” as his best on-screen kiss. JM looks at Ivana Alawi as ‘tropa’ rather than a potential girlfriend.


Click the play button in this video and watch the handsome gentleman do his wackiest pose.