Heaven as Macopa reacts to comments about her by the Mabungas

It is no secret that the Mabungas do not approve of Apol (Kid Yambao) and Macopa’s (Heaven Peralejo) relationship. After the scandal that Azon (Glenda Garcia) caused, the two families are not on good terms to say the least. As a result, we saw Macopa and Peachy (Maris Racal) have heated confrontations. Other members of the Mabunga family had something to say as well, but Macopa did not have a chance to respond, until now! In this Reply or Ignore Challenge, Heaven embodied her Pamilya Ko character then reacted to some of the comments said about her on the afternoon drama.

Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) tried to invite Macopa to the Mabunga home when the two first met. At the time, the latter rudely had earphones on and was not actually listening. So, this time she wants to properly thank Apol’s mother. “Hindi n’yo ba alam, laging nasa bahay ko si Apol. At least makakapunta na ako sa bahay n’yo.”

Of course, the Mabunga siblings were more than willing to tease Apol when he first started dating Macopa. To answer Percy’s (Jairus Aquino) question on whether the two are officially together, she had a bold statement, “Yes, kaming kami na. And kahit anong mangyayari, kami pa rin.” This is the Kapamilya actress’ hint for fans that there will be more drama in the upcoming episodes!

In round one of Peachy and Macopa’s face off, it was Macopa who earned a point. “’Pag hindi ako nag-attitude sa’yo, wala na ako,” she explained with a sassy hair flip. In the second confrontation scene, however, it was Peachy who won after accusing the other of having an oily face. “Hindi mo ba alam na highlighter ‘to? I’m sorry na hindi mo alam kasi wala kang pambili,” Macopa defended herself.

Although, it seems Lemon does not see a problem with the relationship, unlike the rest of her family. For this small show of support, Macopa has found a new best friend, “I love you na! Siguro I’ll give you something when we see each other.” 

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