Mabunga family takes on the Superlative Challenge

In previous interviews, the cast of Pamilya Ko talked about becoming a real family behind the cameras as their secret to effortless acting in front of cameras. So, who else would know their personalities better than one another? Sylvia Sanchez, Joey Marquez, JM de Guzman, Kiko Estrada, Jairus Aquino, Kid Yambao, Maris Racal, Kira Balinger, Mutya Orquia, and Raikko Matteo revealed their habits on the set of Pamilya Ko for this Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com exclusive!

The loudest among their group is JM and Jairus, especially when they are teasing Raikko. Mutya can be loud sometimes as well when she is gushing over her crush. No one in their group is ever quiet or shy. “Lahat tayo maiingay. Ang gugulo natin,” Sylvia said. Even, Perla Bautista who portrays the grandmother can be lively.

One of the ways their family bonds and have fun is by eating together. Sylvia is often the one who brings food on set. The veteran actress would even invite their director to join them for a break. This is almost like a ritual before shooting a scene. Around two in the afternoon, however, it is naptime for the Mabunga parents. 

Sylvia is usually first to arrive because her scenes are filmed early in the morning. Although, what matters is that none of them are ever late. Their production has a strict rule about being on time out of respect for one another. “Kaya takot sila [ma-late] kasi talagang lagot,” Sylvia added.

While they do their best to be professionals on and off camera, there are still instances when they break character in the middle of a shoot. Forgetting lines is normal, despite all their preparations. Then there are those cases when they get the giggles. “Malala si JM,” Sylvia revealed. Apparently, he would even make you laugh on purpose sometimes.

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