PAANDAR 2019: Relatable moments on Pamilya Ko for anyone with a sibling

Despite making you laugh, cry, angry and annoyed, among a variety of other emotion, you cannot live without your siblings. There will be fights and misunderstandings but most of the time you both mean well, even if it does not seem like it. Besides, there will also be plenty of fun moments. To remind us of how important our siblings are, check out these relatable moments among Chico (JM De Guzman), Beri (Kiko Estrada), Apol (Kid Yambao), Persi (Jairus Aquino), Peachy (Maris Racal), Lemon (Kira Balinger), Cherry (Mutya Orquia) and Pongky (Raikko Mateo) from Pamilya Ko!

Teasing someone in a relationship.

When Chico and Pia (Alyssa Muhlach) officially became a couple, the Mabunga siblings were more than ready to start teasing their kuya about his new relationship. They even gave him a standing ovation, which he gladly played along to. And then there is always that one person who will bring up marriage, “’wag ka muna mag-asawa”. An ally during embarrassing moments


An ally during embarrassing moments

Cherry was unaware and unprepared when she finally had her first period. At the time, she thought it was just a stomachache. Luckily, her big brother Chico was there to notice and help. Be warned, however, as willing as our siblings are to offer a hand during these embarrassing moments, they might also use these instances to later on tease us. Older siblings bringing up their age


Older siblings bringing up their age

Chico was not happy when Beri started smoking because this habit could affect the family’s health. This only offended Beri because he felt that Chico did not have a right to tell him off just because Chico is the kuya. This then led to a physical fight that had to be stopped by the family. Cellphones have passwords for a reason


Cellphones have passwords for a reason

After the traumatic incident that Peachy went through, she was worried about who Lemon has been talking to on the internet. In her attempt to protect her sister, Peachy decided to go through Lemon’s phone but was stopped because she did not know the password. This only angered Lemon because she felt that her sister had to right to go through her personal belongings. Peachy apologized and then explained that she’s just cared about her and it’s for her own good. Still siblings at the end of the day


Still siblings at the end of the day

After his argument with Beri, Chico wanted to put the past behind them as a gift to their Nanay Luz (Sylvia Sanchez). So, he offered him a beer as a peace offering and Beri accepted. The two will fight again, but this moment proves that they cannot stay mad at each other forever because they are brothers.

When the going gets tough, our siblings are our shoulder to cry on, especially when the issue involved other members of the family. You can always turn to your siblings just like how Chico tried his best to comfort Cherry after Fernan’s (Joey Marquez) affair was uncovered.

One of the best ways to remind everyone about what it means to be a family is by spending some quality time together. Whether it is going on a trip, eating out or just attending mass, the important thing is being a complete family. And, of course, teasing each your siblings about their funny antics in life.

Which Mabunga sibling can you relate to the most?