Luz and Fernan confrontation scenes in Pamilya Ko

No onscreen tandem can be as piercing and resonating in our lives than the characters of Luz and Fernan, played brilliantly by Sylvia Sanchez and Joey Marquez, in the haunting family drama Pamilya Ko.

While we first expected that the tale of the Mabunga parents would necessarily delve into the love and dedication they would pour into their family, what impressed us with their journey is the reality and genuineness of their depiction of a typical couple facing real family problems.



When most dramas would show mothers and fathers extending superhuman effort just to make both ends meet, trying to stave off ordeals and difficulties, and do everything in their power for the sake of their children, Luz and Fernan’s story digs deeper and face complex situations. 

Such are these moments on this Kapamilya Toplist when they would confront each other to deal with real problems that threaten the very foundation of their family—those that really strike us and reach us very close to home. 



From financial problems and Fernan’s past affair to handling and disciplining their children, the couple faces them head-on and try to resolve them, all for the sake of love for one another and for their closely-knit, big family. They would consider how these conflicts not only affect their message, but also how they impact on their children. And this makes these situations so touching and affectual to all viewers who may have experienced the same journeys themselves.



How the story was developed, the script was written, and the characters were molded, especially Luz and Fernan, truly reflect what we all deal on a daily basis, and even more—those we haven’t even discovered happening and realized it is something we should look into.



Indeed, Luz and Fernan’s marriage and parenting are not perfect, but we can all relate to them and learn from them each day we witness all trials, rough patches, and of course, the triumphs they accomplish. That makes Pamilya Ko special in all its viewers’ hearts.



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