JC De Vera PeaNat tandem Maris Racal Pamilya Ko

Out of all the couples on Pamilya Ko, who would have thought that PeaNat would become a favorite? Apparently, even the cast did not expect this.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com, JC de Vera revealed that he initially joined the afternoon drama as a guest. Thanks to the overwhelming reaction from viewers at home, sir Nathan ended up with a more crucial role in Peachy’s life. “Ang plan lang talaga ay mag-guest lang ako doon tapos pumasok lang ako doon sa story ni Maris. What happened after is really unexpected,” he stated.

As actors, he and Maris Racal were just doing their best to portray the characters. So, the positive feedback was a pleasant surprise. “We felt great kasi … maganda ‘yung naging response ng mga fans,” he added.

When asked whether there is a chance of them working together on a separate project, the Kapamilya actor’s answered, “I hope so.” This is not a topic that he and Maris have personally discussed. Many netizens have expressed wanting to see them more, but the decision is not up to him alone, “Gusto ko ba raw maging love team si Maris? Sabi ko, ’wag ako ang tanungin n’yo, si Maris ang tanungin n’yo” PeaNat was written for Pamilya Ko. If they do team up again, then it will be for a different story.

After their time spent together, one thing he realized about her is that she wants to take on more serious roles. “Tingin ko gusto n’yang mag-level up doon sa acting nya,” he explained. This is the first time she handled a mature plot and he can see potential. “I think papunta siya doon sa mas more mature roles, pero hindi ‘yung iniisip natin na talagang mature. Mga one step higher lang doon sa pagiging teen,” he continued.

At the end of the day, JC is beyond thankful for the support and hopes that this is not her last project with Maris. “I’m really happy working with her. Sana masundan pa,” he ended.