FRIDAY 5 5 scenes Beri deeply falling in love Pia Pamilya Ko

While having a crush or relationship with your friend’s current and former flame is definitely a no-no, what more with your sibling’s?

That’s the trouble Beri (Kiko Estrada) of Pamilya Ko currently faces as he finds himself slowly falling in love with his Kuya Chico’s (JM de Guzman) girlfriend, and now ex, Pia (Alyssa Muhlach). It used to be only a crush, but his feelings for her grew stronger as they started to get along together more often.

It was proven when he delivered food to the hospital where she works and got smitten by her stunning beauty and heart-warming kindness as she invited him to eat with her. He refused, telling her that he had to go back to work, but it seemed that he only made up that excuse for he seemingly found it difficult to resist her deific allure. Thus, he simply contented himself in sending her a friend request on social media, which she immediately accepted.

Despite being his heart broken by the fact that Pia was still into Chico, he amazingly mustered enough strength to join her eat and even cheered her up in light of their split then through his impressive sense of humor. Their breakup gave him a slight hope to develop a stronger bond with her and an excuse to fantasize about her, to which his brother Apol (Kid Yambao) strongly warned him about.

Unfortunately for him, she and his Kuya Chico got back together which made his heart shattered again after he got jealous upon the sight of Pia being too concerned with his brother when she paid him a surprise visit. But that didn’t hinder him from still being friends with her as he offered her a ride when she had to make it to her meeting quickly.

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