Bettys relatable, unforgettable, heartbreaking journey

Many of us could certainly relate to Elizabeth “Betty” Palisoc, the character played by Arci Muñoz in the family drama Pamilya Ko who used to be secretly in love with her best friend Chico Mabunga, portrayed by JM de Guzman.

Because of her relatable story arc and admirable personality, she arguably turned out to be one of our most favorite characters in this narrative.  Thus, avid viewers couldn’t help but be horrified upon learning that Betty is being taken out of the primetime series by killing her off.

As we bid farewell to the character we all loved and truly identified with, let’s take a look back on her remarkable yet tragic journey via this feature.

Due to her unmistakable closeness with her ultimate and long-time chum Chico, people around them used to usually mistaken them as a couple, including his apple of the eye Dr. Pia Dela Paz (Alyssa Muhlach). Having known each other since they were kids, the two had developed an unbreakable bond that nobody or nothing could ever destroy and had been comfortable in teasing and doing mischievous things towards one another.

Amidst this misconception about them, Betty and Chico strongly insisted that they were just best friends. In fact, she even used to help her and be his number one supporter when he was courting Pia, up until they became a couple. She gave him pointers on how to catch her attention make her fall in love with him, of course, with a little taunting on the side.

But in the long run, Betty eventually realized that it was not just pure friendship that she felt for Chico as she had already fallen in love with him! Familiar scenario, right? She knew already that it was wrong since they had treated one another not just as best friends, but as family as well, and he already had a romantic relationship with Pia then. Thus, all that he could do then was to mope and rebuke herself for falling in love with her best friend and letting herself be hurt.

Despite having her heart broken by her unrequited love with Chico, Betty still made herself available for him as she never failed to come to his rescue whenever he needed her. She would console him when he finally found out the truth behind his identity and be his drinking buddy and shoulder to cry on every time he had family and love problems.

Unfortunately, her efforts somehow went to waste as his feelings towards her remained the same even after her confession that she’d been in love with him.

After Pia called it quits with Chico upon catching him and Betty sleeping in one bed together, Betty found herself in a complicated and heart-shattering situation. She wasn’t only compelled to fully divulge her true feelings for him, but to also hear that his best friend couldn’t reciprocate the level of love she had for him and he still chose Pia over her.

In her pursuit of completely coping from her heartbreak, she decided to accept the invitation to an event for artists. But unexpectedly, Betty got more than what she bargained for as she met a guy there who would pour out his all-out attention to her and who would be willing to listen to her woes – James (Kit Thompson). Their beginning might have an awkward start, but their bond eventually flourished into friendship, then into romance.

Unfortunately, Betty didn’t have any inkling then that the man whom she entrusted with her heart and trust was actually only using her in order to get near to the Mabunga Family. He was doing this to avenge her mom, main villain Loida (Irma Adlawan), since they were the ones who put her in jail and for him to finally receive the acceptance and affection he had been yearning from her.

In spite of what happened between them, Betty didn’t let herself miss the wedding of her best friend’s parents Fernan (Joey Marquez) and Luz (Sylvia Sanchez), who somehow stood as her own as she lived far away from her real family. As she greeted the Mabungas with warm embraces and fist-bumps, they teased the two on how they were seemingly awkward toward one another. She brushed that off and told them that it was just because it’s only their first time to see each other again after a long time. She indeed had already moved on.

Even though Betty was apparently happy with her newfound love, Chico couldn’t help but be suspicious of James and accuse him of being connected with their enemy Loida. Nevertheless, she refused to believe him because she knew to herself that he would not do that to her since she thought that he genuinely loved her.

Unfortunately, Betty had been wrong all along for being in a relationship with her had been a part of James’, a.k.a. Ferdie, wicked schemes. But he did a sweet gesture in order to kiss away her doubts.

Betty, in the long, eventually got curious and dubious of her boyfriend’s behaviour. Thus, she went on to investigate on her own by going to his house. There, she discovered the same photo Chico showed her proving that James and Ferdie were indeed the same person and caught him strangling his stroke-stricken father.

With Betty witnessing the crime, it was presumed that Ferdie killed her and it was her lifeless body that we had seen he was unloading from the trunk of his car. And based on Chico’s reaction upon seeing the corpse of a woman that the investigators had retrieved and sent to the morgue, it was easy for us to conclude that Betty is already dead.

With Betty’s unforeseen and tragic departure from Pamilya Ko, we’re certain that circumstances are going to be more intense and nail-biting in the coming episodes. You will be missed, Betty!