7 times Mabunga siblings show that they got each other’s backs in Pamilya Ko

In the past years that we’ve been binge-watching teleseryes, it’s arguably seldom for us to see stories that feature big families – making the primetime drama Pamilya Ko undoubtedly refreshing and relatable to many of us.

We follow the story of the Mabunga Family, comprised of doting and hardworking parents Fernan (Joey Marquez) and Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) and their eight admirable and good-looking children. They are Chico (JM de Guzman), Beri (Kiko Estrada), Apol (Kid Yambao), Persi (Jairus Aquino), Peachy (Maris Racal), Lemon (Kira Balinger), Cherry (Mutya Orquia), and Pongky (Raikko Mateo), whom they fondly call collectively as “Fruit Salad”.

Just like many of us, their relationship as siblings have never been perfect for they also have their own share of misunderstandings and quarrels, which they’re able to fix immediately. Despite of the differences in their personalities and perceptions, the Mabunga kids never failed to make each of them feel that they’ve got each other’s backs through no matter what.


Pledging their share on their family’s financial woes



As their family struggled financially after the death of their grandfather and the hospitalization of their father, Chico assembled his brothers Beri, Apol, and Persi to talk about the possible contributions they could offer in order to help their parents. While Beri implied that he couldn’t, both Apol and Persi committed to do extra work, to which Luz highly disagreed.


Helping Lemon get through depression



After the tragic accident she and her friend Stefano had encountered that caused her to be crippled temporarily and the latter’s death, Lemon fell into depression. Thus, in order to help her cope and quickly recover, her siblings, especially their Kuya Chico, did everything to make her feel better and assisting her in her every therapy session. They dutifully accompanied her during their spare time and cheered for her each time she showed improvements.


Celebrating Persi’s success



It’s not only in the bad times that they’d been through whatever together, but in the good times as well, such as when Persi passed the board exams for accountancy. Even though their family was in the midst of a terrible problem then, they didn’t let that spoil their celebration of Persi’s success.


Comforting the crestfallen Pongky



Being the youngest, his family makes sure not to let Pongky be involved in the trials that they’re going through.  But unbeknownst to them, their problems are actually getting a toll on him for he’s able to understand already their situation. Good thing, his Kuya Chico and Ate Cherry were there to comfort him and advise him on the proper thing to do, especially when he was feeling lethargic.


Taking Peachy away from harm



As Peachy figured in a totally horrible situation, not only one, but five knights-in-shining-armor came to her rescue – her Tatay Fernan and four Kuyas. Although she disobeyed them the umpteenth time, they still showed her their unconditional love and concern for her. Their father didn’t simply confront her professor-slash-boyfriend Nathan (JC de Vera), but also gave him a hard blow on the face.


Giving the perfect wedding gift for their mom



They might have misunderstandings sometimes, but every time they unite, the Mabunga boys are truly a splendid sight to see! Just like when they visited the site that their father was eyeing to buy for their mother as wedding gift and talked about the pledges they’re willing to give in order to make their Nanay Luz’s dream house come true. As they gazed upon the lot, they started to plan how they would want their future home to look like.


Visiting Chico at the hospital



From being the one doing the rescuing, it was then Chico’s turn to be cared for by his siblings after being hospitalized due to the severe injuries he sustained from his brawl with James (Kit Thompson). In their efforts to make him feel better despite the pain he was enduing then, his siblings tried to make him laugh and feel deeply loved.

The Mabunga children only prove that it is still possible for us to develop strong and cordial ties with our brothers and sisters in spite of the differences in our personalities and opinions for we are bound by blood and filial blood that nobody or nothing could ever destroy. And may that same love consistently connect us to our Almighty Savior and God.