Delightful, happy moments of Mabunga Family

Throughout the fruitful six month-run of the primetime family drama Pamilya Ko, we’ve seen how the Mabunga Family indeed compellingly depicted the lives of many ordinary Filipino families, especially the big ones. 

Despite the narrative and the characters being fictional, the situations and events the series showcased were realistic as those truly happen in real-life, may it be good or bad. As we admired Fernan (Joey Marquez) and Luz (Sylvia Sanchez) on how they confronted every challenge that came their way with courage and unity along with their eight beloved children, we also found ourselves delighted each time they share happy and triumphant moments together.


Peachy’s 18th birthday



She might not able to achieve the lavish and spectacular 18th birthday celebration she’d been dreaming of, but the sassy and kikay princess of the Mabunga family, Peachy (Maris Racal) still definitely had a blast on her special day. There might be no cotillion and other miscellaneous ceremonies, but it was made exceptional by her parents, siblings, and grandmother who prepared a simple yet intimate party for her wherein they offered her their gifts and poignant messages.


Attending mass



Because of their busy schedules, it was only seldom for them to go to church together. Thus, it made Lola Caring (Perla Bautista) really delighted, especially when Apol (Kid Yambao), Persi (Jairus Aquino), and Beri (Kiko Estrada) recalled their shenanigans as altar servers in their younger years. Since it’s an extraordinary day for them, Fernan treated them on a sumptuous meal before heading home.


Christmas celebration



Even though they had to celebrate Christmas at the hospital after Luz got sick, that didn’t hinder them from having a fun and meaningful get-together. Aside from feasting on the delectable food they brought, the Mabungas also filled their simple celebration with endless laughter, as their kids kept on teasing one another, and with kilig as well because of the sweetness of Fernan and Luz and of Chico (JM De Guzman) and his girlfriend Dra. Pia (Alyssa Muhlach). Betty (Arci Muñoz) joined them, too, but only through video call since she was in Bacolod then. Of course, Peachy didn’t forget to capture that special moment with a series of groufies and a video greeting. 


Luz and Fernan’s renewal of vows



After going through a lot of challenges and delightful moments together and having their 30-year marriage almost broken, Fernan decided to propose again to Luz for the renewal of their vows – which she happily accepted. Just like Peachy’s birthday, it was also intimate as it was only attended by the closest people in their lives while the entourage was only comprised by their kids, who were the ones who prepared everything to make it possible. It actually almost failed to push through due to unforeseen circumstances but they, or course, didn’t let that happen.


New Year’s Day celebration



Wearing the color of the year that is classic blue and lighting up their firecrackers, the Mabunga family joined the whole world in celebrating the New Year’s Day. Just like us, they were also hoping for 2020 to be a good year not just for them, but for everyone. 


New family picture



Days after their renewal of vows, Luz and Fernan once again delighted their kids by unveiling their splendid family picture captured during the ceremony. It might just be simple for some of us, but it was a truly a special moment for the Mabungas as it also signified how their family has been renewed after the devastating trials they were able to conquer hand-in-hand.


Lemon’s recovery from depression



Upon finding out that Lemon (Kira Balinger) was suffering from depression after the tragic accident she and her friend Stefano (Marco Gallo) got involved in, the Mabungas immediately responded by committing to accompany her during their free time and attending to her needs. They made her feel better by telling her words of encouragement and cheering for her every improvement.

The Mabungas only proves that nothing is impossible to conquer for a family that shares a genuine and unconditional for one another and no challenge will be difficult or will last long as long as everyone works in order to resolve it. Indeed, there’s always a rainbow after the rain.