#PamilyaKoUlan: Fernan’s affair, Luz’s breakdown trigger Mabunga kids; entire cast hailed for stirring portrayals
 PamilyaKoUlan Fernan s affair Luz s breakdown trigger Mabunga kids entire cast hailed for stirring portrayals 1

"After veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez riveted us with her heart-rending performance in yesterday’s episode of Pamilya Ko, wherein her character Luz was able to finally prove her suspicion right that caused her intense emotional breakdown, it’s now her on-screen children’s turn to own the spotlight.  Each of them were able to impress the viewers with how they exceptionally portrayed their respective roles.

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As torrential rain poured that night, so was the tears of the Mabunga Kids who were able to witness the heartbreaking confrontation of their parents and the departure of their distressed matriarch. As soon as Fernan (Joey Marquez) went inside their house, he was immediately nagged by his elderly mom Caring (Perla Bautista) who berated him for putting his family in this complicated situation.

Meanwhile, upon finding out from Persi (Jairus Aquino) that it’s his boss Loida Magtulis (Irma Adlawan) who’s the paramour of their father, Beri (Kiko Estrada) wasn’t able to control his anger and instantly confronted his father. He told Fernan that it shouldn’t be their mother who was supposed to leave but his father, since he’s the one who has been hiding a dark secret that put their family’s bond in peril. He rebuked and forcibly pushed him, which irked their Kuya Chico (JM de Guzman) and asked Beri to still show some respect to Fernan because after all, he’s still their father. These all happened in the presence of their younger siblings who were all crying and hurt upon witnessing the whole turmoil.

The next day, tension still enveloped the Mabunga residence amidst the silence. Fernan made a few attempts to contact his wife to no avail, so he asked his firstborn to tell him Luz’s whereabouts. Chico refused, telling him to just give her space and time to cool down and talk first with his siblings instead, which Fernan did. He tried to apologize to Beri, but he didn’t accept it and told him not to call him “anak” anymore. Seeing how his younger brother behaved while their father was talking to him, Chico approached the stern Beri and argued with him.

Unbeknownst to Fernan, his mother Caring visited Luz to check on her and to apologize as well over what her son did to her and their family.

On the other hand, an irate Peachy (Maris Racal), furiously stormed inside Loida’s office alongside Lemon (Kira Balinger) to confront her while she was in the middle of the meeting. She humiliated her by telling everyone in the room that she was her father’s illicit lover and ruthlessly assaulted her giving her a forceful slap on the face and pulling her hair with all her strength.

With the impressive performance each one of them showcased in this remarkable episode tagged #PamilyaKoUlan, netizens on Twitter weren’t able to help themselves from gushing over what they’ve just seen and congratulated the whole ensemble for a job amazingly done.