5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Pamilya Ko”

Pamilya Ko will premiere this Monday, September 9 to show the true worth of our God-given families. The much-awaited show promises to present a timely message that love must be the center of every family.

It is indeed thrilling to witness another inspiring teleserye such as this. Here are the five main reasons why you shouldn’t miss a single episode of Pamilya Ko.

1. JM De Guzman and Arci Muñoz’s first teleserye team up


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Pamilya Ko  1

After previously pairing up in the big screen on the film titled “Last Fool Show,” JM And Arci are set to give us a ‘tagos sa puso’ kind of ‘kilig’ feels in their first ever teleserye team up for Pamilya Ko. Playing the roles of ‘Kuya’ Chico and Betty, they will be each other’s shoulder to cry on and each other’s victory partner. As best friends in real life, they tell us that their on-screen friendship is close to how they are as their true selves. However, the exciting part is how JM and Arci will make us swoon when their characters’ feelings towards each other gets romantic.

2. Tandem of veteran actors Sylvia Sanchez and Joey Marquez


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Pamilya Ko  2

As parents to the Mabunga family, Sylvia and Joey plays as Luz and Fernan respectively. While Sylvia’s character embodies every caring and selfless mother, Joey’s character portrays every sacrificing and responsible father. Reuniting with each other after their pairing for some films back in the 1990s, the connection between these two highly esteemed actors is definitely a must-watch.

3. ‘Mabunga family’ and a stellar cast 


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Pamilya Ko  3

Apart from having the critically acclaimed actors such as Sylvia Sanchez, Joey Marquez, Perla Bautista, Noel Trinidad, Irma Adlawan and Rosanna Roces, having the well-celebrated artists like JM De Guzman and Arci Muñoz, the cast also consists of the country’s most promising stars in the industry today. Kiko Estrada, Kid Yambao, Jairus Aquino, Raikko Mateo, Maris Racal, Kira Balinger and Mutya Orquia are about to prove us their impressive acting skills as they portray different kind of roles in the Mabunga family. Beauty queen Alyssa Muhlach will also make her mark as the kind-hearted doctor in town, who will form a love triangle between Arci and JM.

4. A teleserye focused on family


5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Pamilya Ko  4

The big family concept is truly one of the main things to look forward to in the show. Consisting of eight children who possess different kind of unique personalities and parents who become their ultimate guide and inspiration in life, all of us can certainly relate with the characters in the story. Each character will endeavor different journeys and with that, each one of them will make us understand and love our families even more.

5. Heartwarming story


Like every family, the Mabunga family is not a perfect one. They will face many challenges that will test their love for each other, like how we struggle with our own imperfect families in real life. Nevertheless, theirs will enlighten us that even the most painful situations, we must still choose to love and forgive our family because they are irreplaceable in this world.

Don’t forget to welcome the Mabunga family as Pamilya Ko premieres on Monday September 9 before TV Patrol on Primetime Bida.