SCRIPT TO SCREEN: Nanay Luz, sinisi si Chico sa nangyari kay Fernan

We often hear about how actors, who are talented enough, can sometimes adlib and deviate from the script. But have you actually seen a script that was made for a teleserye? If you have not, then this is your chance. Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com is giving you an exclusive look at the screenplay from an intense scene on the afternoon drama Pamilya Ko!

After the death of Lolo Jose (Noel Trinidad), Chico (JM de Guzman) decided to finally confront his father about “Pareng Loi.” Fernan (Joey Marquez) tried to deny the affair, but Chico had already caught them more than once. He heard Loida’s (Irma Adlawan) voice through a phone call, saw the two holding hands in a photo, and even witnessed them together talking in person.

As Chico’s voice grew louder, Fernan remained quiet and seemed defeated because his secret has been discovered. Luz (Sylvia Sanchez), who was in the kitchen with Lola Caring (Perla Bautista), heard the commotion and came out just in time to see Fernan slowly fall to the ground.

The next scene showed Fernan in the hospital. The doctors revealed that he suffered a heart attack and has yet to regain consciousness. After a while, Luz walked away. Worried about his mother, Chico quickly followed only to be violently slapped. In the script, Luz’s line was supposed to be “’Wag mo kong hawakan”. Instead, Sylvia said, “Hindi ka na nakuntento sa isa? Sino pa? Sino pa sa amin ang gusto mong isunod?” She was referring to Jack, one of her sons who tragically died at a young age after climbing a tree with Chico. Now, Luz blamed Chico again for what happened to Fernan. The scene ended with the eldest of the Mabunga boys breaking down and admitting that he wishes it was him who died. “Natatakot sa magiging sagot ng ina” is the last action.

Reading the screenplay gives viewers a whole new understanding of a scene. So, what moment from Pamilya Ko do you want to see next on SCRIPT TO SCREEN?