PaLIGAYAhin Niyo Ako: Kit, Raven, and Argel do the laundry for Ivana!

One of the social media content that made Ivana Alawa a national phenomenon is her “A Day In My Life” video on YouTube where she did the laundry with bare hands, quite surprising for an heiress with a beautiful face and porcelain skin. She swears washing the clothes is really part of her typical household dynamics and not just something faked for the views. So, in this episode of Online Kapamilya Shows’ (OKS) “Paligayahin Niyo Ako,” the Kapamilya actress finds out who among her leading men can keep up with her laundry expertise through ‘In Laba Challenge.’

To begin, Ivana reviews the Pogi Points Meter of her admirers Kit Thompson, Raven Molina, and Argel Saycon. The latter rejoices on the lead. We’ll find out if Kit and Raven can manage to move up after this round because none of the contenders are giving up, even if Ivana’s tasks are kind of demanding, as how Kit puts it in jest. Besides, these hunks can do so much more to please the one they love.

Ivana requires her Ang Lihim ni Ligaya leading men to wash their clothes while singing her a love song. Raven goes first, serenading Ivana with Chard Ocampo’s “Pa’no Ba,” focusing more on the singing than the laundry.

Kit brags that he pre-soaks the fabrics, in an attempt to sound like a hand-washing expert and impress the lady. Then, he pours his heart out with Patrick Quiroz’ “Ikaw Pa Rin.”

Argel adds the detergent to a tub of water and makes sure that bubbles are formed. This detail – which Raven and Kit overlooked – will later become Argel’s biggest ticket to more pogi points. Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s ‘Prodigal Probinsyano’ charms Ivana with his hand-washing tips and skills while singing along with Edward Barber’s “Di Makatulog.”

Ivana fixing her adoring eyes on Argel is enough to pre-empt the results of this round, giving rise to Kit and Raven’s playful team-up. The bottom two gang up on the stronger contender. Kit jokes, “puro bula,” implying that Argel’s performance is only impressive on the surface. “Puro pambobola lang ‘yan si Argel,” adds Raven.

 Kit and Raven’s strategies, however, still did not change Ivana’s decision. She declares Argel as the winner receiving 3 pogi points. Kit gets 2 points while 1 point goes to Raven. Argel remains leading with a total of 8 points while Kit and Raven are tied with 5 points, at the end of this episode.

The gorgeous Ivana is still in limbo, hence, the need for more challenges to gauge her ‘suitors’.  Ivana teases on the next episode, which, according to her, is going to make her leading men drool! So, watch out for the next happenings on “Paligayahin Niyo Ako” on OKS.abs-cbn.com.