PaLIGAYAhin Niyo Ako: Ivana’s fun and sexy Zoom date with Argel

In everything we do in life, especially when it comes to love, perseverance must be sowed in order to harvest good results and happiness. Just take a look at how Argel Saycon strained to knockout all the challenges served by Ivana Alawi in “Paligayahin Niyo Ako” and took her on a digital date as a reward.

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! After ‘slaying’ his rivals Kit Thompson and Raven Molina in a series of six challenges, Argel finally gets to take Ivana on a Zoom date.

Interestingly, these two prove that online hangouts can be just as fun. All you need to feel the ‘kilig’ of a date night at home, even when the person you adore is a thousand miles away, is a romantic set up and a fun game to make things more exciting.

Argel opted for a basic black polo while Ivana looked dreamy in her light-colored off-shoulder cardigan. Both Ivana and Argel prepared dishes and a bottle of wine. The latter’s setup was fired up with pieces of lighted candles to create a romantic ambience. Of course, nothing says love like sending the girl a bouquet of flowers and a mushy letter.

Argel started asking questions about Ivana’s ideal man and her most favorite challenge in “Paligayahin Niyo Ako.” The gorgeous lady mentioned that she would like to meet a guy who is kind, family-oriented, will love her family, and completely devoted. Ivana said she struggles in rebuilding trust once it is broken. About her favorite segment in “Paligayahin Niyo Ako,” Ivana thought of the ‘InLaba Challenge’ because she gives plus points to domesticated men.

As the date went on, Ivana and Argel played a game called ‘Never Have I Ever’ where they’d determine the statements about each other as either truth or lie. They would take off a piece of clothing for every wrong answer.

Through this game, Ivana revealed that she had painful experiences in ghosting, she has a lot of girl crushes, and she has already tried swimming in a pool completely bared.  Meanwhile, we also learned that Argel was once rejected by a girl. But the most intriguing moment of all was when Argel owned up to saving Ivana’s bikini photo in his phone.

Ivana garnered a perfect score while Argel got all the items wrong. So, yes, Argel had to strip his clothing starting with his earrings, shoes, socks, and lastly, his top.

Ivana and Argel invited everyone to watch out for their upcoming series Ang Lihim Ni Ligaya with Kit and Raven.