PaLIGAYAhin Niyo Ako: Hotties Kit, Argel, and Raven sweat it out for Ivana!

Last week on “Paligayahin Niyo Ako,” Ivana Alawi dared her Ang Lihim Ni Ligaya leading men Kit Thompson, Argel Saycon, and Raven Molina to a sexy dance challenge. Argel dominated the round with a whopping three pogi points. Kit and Raven, nevertheless, still earned scores and vowed to steal the lead in the next challenge. Let’s see what happens on this second episode of Online Kapamilya Shows’ (OKS) dating game, “Paligayahin Niyo Ako.”

The show opened with Ivana asking her three admirers what makes them happy and sweaty. From food to family to playing sports, the conversation took an inescapable turn to hilarious topics and banat. Raven certainly wouldn’t miss the chance to say that only Ivana brings him joy and that he likes getting ripped by lifting weights. Taking hint at Ivana’s revelation that she finds ‘sweaty’ men irresistible, Kit jokingly boasted of his effortless ability to perspire even without lifting a finger and he’s admittedly fond of pigging out as well. 

Wanting to see her leading men glow up in sweat, Ivana presented her 2-in-1 challenge called “Flex Ko Lang” and “Handstand T-shirt and Short.” Kit, Argel, and Raven were to demonstrate simple workout routine using things found at home followed by doing a handstand and taking off their shirt and short whilst in that position. “Be sexy and creative,” Ivana cheered the contenders.

Argel started strong by lifting water jugs to tone the shoulder muscles followed by a series of push-ups. And of course, the newbie actor gamely took on the second challenge. Ivana was obviously smitten with Argel’s broad shoulders.

Kit impressed the lady of the hour by doing lunges for leg power and sit-ups targeting the abs and shoulders. Things got more exciting, and funny, when Kit displayed his handstand bod! Ivana’s laugh-out-loud reaction to Kit’s bared underwear? “Wow! Neon yellow!”

Raven maximized the use of a water dispenser while doing squats and then opted for a pail of water to demonstrate his back-and-shoulder routine.

Totally impressed and entertained, Ivana commended her leading men for their fighting spirits and effort. But, there could only be one winner and he was none other than Raven! Meanwhile, Kit and Argel gained 1 pogi point and 2 pogi points, respectively.

At the end of the second challenge, Argel is still on the lead with 5 pogi points. Behind him is Raven with 4 points while Kit places at the bottom with 3 pogi points.

Ivana teased on the next episode which, according to her, is going to be wet and wild! So, watch out for the next happenings on “Paligayahin Niyo Ako” on OKS.abs-cbn.com.