Kit, Argel, Raven take on the “Mama-halin Kita” cook-off for Ivana in PaLigayahin Niyo Ako

Who will gain the most pogi points this week and get closer to that much-awaited virtual “date” with Ivana Alawi?

In this episode of “PaLigayahin Niyo Ako on Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS) on Thursday, June 4, Ivana dared her challengers Kit Thompson, Argel Saycon, and Raven Molina to a challenge close to her heart as it is based on love for mothers, being very close to mommy Fatima.

Called the “Mama-halin Kita” Challenge, Ivana asked Kit, Argel, and Raven to prepare what they consider as the most delectable merienda they can whip up for their moms, using whatever available ingredients they have in their kitchens. No matter how simple the merienda is, she said, the dish should still be special because it comes from the heart. Of course, that snack must whet Ivana’s appetite as well.

Raven would first demonstrate his version of the beloved French toast using leftover bread, eggs, fresh milk, condensed milk, and butter with a small amount of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Kit would then prepare a special snack with eggs, spring onions, pepper, garlic powder, salt, all scrambled together to form what he calls “gourmet eggs.”

Lastly, Argel would come up a favorite Filipino delicacy, banana cue, by deep-frying brown sugar-coated caramelized bananas.

Find out who among Kit, Argel and Raven would top this week’s sumptuous challenge by watching this video. “PaLigayahin Niyo Ako is streamed every Thursday at 9pm on OKS.abs-cbn.com.