PaLIGAYAhin Niyo Ako: Kit, Argel and Raven impress Ivana with their sexy dance moves!

Hottest online sensation Ivana Alawi is all-set to heat up the coming days and bring electrifying ‘ligaya’ via her first lead series Ang Lihim ni Ligaya. Joining her on the show are hunk actors Kit Thompson, Argel Saycon, and Raven Molina. Yes, three leading men vying for the heart of a goddess!

Before the highly anticipated teleserye officially airs, Ivana gives us a glimpse of how sexy it can get by hosting an online show titled “Paligayahin Niyo Ako” where she would dare her leading men to a challenge in every episode. Whoever collects the highest points at the end of the series will get the chance to take Ivana on a date.

Let’s see who gets to impress the lady of the hour in the I Can Dance Challenge! But, first, Ivana interviews the daring contenders and scrutinizes them well.

We’ve all seen Kit as a Pinoy Big Brother housemate and as the tough Greco in the mystery series Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa opposite Ivana. The actor, who believes in living life to the fullest, also takes his craft seriously and his one-year acting course in New York would serve as proof. When asked about his first impression of Ivana, he jestingly says, “maldita,” and then clarifies, “Joke! Mabait ka, sweet and approachable.” Kit and Ivana’s exchange is hilarious and, if anything, kilig! He assures that he could make her happy and that their connection is his biggest advantage against other men trying to win her heart. And with Ivana casually blurting out seeing Kit’s butt, we think someone already won the game.

Until, Argel shows off undeniable potential with his charisma and pick-up lines. Also a PBB graduate, Argel had his first taste of showbiz by doing commercials. He had four ex-girlfriends and, surprisingly, the good-looking guy got his heart broken by a cheater.

With basketball as his first love, Raven never planned on joining showbiz. But now that he got in the industry, Raven vows that he is game for anything. Check out his iWant digital series “Mga Batang Poz” to know how bold he is!

Now, it’s time for a quick Sexy Fast Talk! Ivana dares his leading men to dance and flaunt their abs.

Raven goes first, teasing Ivana by almost taking his shorts off. Argel goes next. He picks tisay over morena in the Sexy Fast Talk; and says his back is the sexiest part of his body. Argel makes his entry naughty and cute by singing along while flexing his muscles. There’s no holding Kit back as he gamely answers the most intriguing “Sexy Fast Talk” questions. He says Ivana’s arm is the sexiest part of her body.

At the end of the challenge, 3 pogi points are awarded to Argel while Kit and Raven gain 2 points and 1 point, respectively. The three handsome gentlemen vow to perform better on the next episode of “Paligayahin Niyo Ako” so you better watch out!

Don’t miss “Paligayahin Niyo Ako” every Thursday, 9PM on OKS.abs-cbn.com