Unforgettable kissing scenes of Leah and Clark in On The Wings of Love

As Valentine’s Day is nearing, we’re sure you’re on the hunt for the most romantic movies and shows to either watch with that special someone, look for a Valentine’s surprise inspiration, or simply feel the spirit of love. Well, we have just the right one for you.

On The Wings Of Love (OTWOL) is one of the biggest and most unforgettable rom-com teleseryes for Filipinos. As it stars James Reid and Nadine Lustre, or the beloved love team JaDine, it makes the show an even more wonderful story of love. After all, this drama did not only mark the love team’s first primetime teleserye together, it was also the place James and Nadine grew closer to soon become an official real-life couple.

It has almost been five years since the hit teleserye ended, but millions of Filipinos still remember the story of Clark and Leah by heart.

Ever since Leah (Nadine Lustre) was a young girl, her mother was very hopeful that their family could live a better life and believed they could have that if they lived in America. However, when her mother passed away, Leah took on her mother’s dream as her life’s mission. Opportunities certainly arose for her, but the road was not easy. When she was able to go to America, her last resort to stay in the country and get her visa was to marry someone from there. That’s when Clark (James Reid) entered her life. Clark had been living in America for several years. Although he was struggling and had his own responsibilities, he still accepted the set-up with Leah. The two were only in it for their own gain, but as they spent time and got to know each other, their bond became deeper. They realized that they found someone special in each other and, ever so slowly, their fake relationship became real.

OTWOL’s story of hope and friendship in a marriage makes all of Clark and Leah’s sweet scenes together much more touching. Their kissing scenes were especially the craze because whether they were confessing their feelings, making up after a fight, or simply wishing the other good luck, their kisses were always beautifully sincere. Every moment was precious in its own way and brought a different kind of kilig each time. 

Fall in love while watching this playlist of Clark and Leah’s memorable kissing scenes in OTWOL.