8 things that have made Filipinos worlwide crazy about James and Nadine's 'On the wings of love'

People often think that a hit TV series is usually measured by its dominance in nationwide TV ratings, but “On The Wings of Love” has proven that a hit TV series is not only defined by ratings.

Since the James Reid and Nadine Lustre starrer premiered in August, “On the Wings of Love” ruled its timeslot and has made avid fans patronize everything about the show and its lead stars –from its bestselling official merchandise to the sold out “Jadine In Love” concert.

As the top-rating show comes to an end on Friday (Feb 26), here’s a look back on eight things that have made Filipinos of all ages worldwide fall crazy in love with the story of Clark (James) and Leah (Nadine).

Every night, OTWOListas get their daily dose of solid ‘kilig’ because of “On the Wings of Love.” Peppered with heart tugging ‘kilig’ moments of the main characters, fans in different countries express the happy emotions they feel on social media every time Clark and Leah have romantic, cheesy moments together.

In fact, “On the Wings of Love” has been a top trending topic on Twitter every night. Conversations about the show effortlessly generate thousands and at times, millions of tweets in a night –a proof of how fans are going wild with every episode, especially when Clark and Leah share sweet kisses.


But the most loved ‘kilig’ scene so far is The Most Approved Kiss episode which garnered the most positive feedback from fans, according to the “On the Wings of Love” creative team. The episode also thrilled celebrity fans of the show like Bianca Gonzalez, Myrtle Sarrosa, and John Lapus who took to Twitter to share their sentiments about the episode.


“On The Wings of Love” has established itself as a melting pot of ‘hugot’ lines thanks to director Antoinette Jadaone who is known for relatable ‘hugot’ lines in blockbuster rom-com movies.

Even in its pilot episode, the series already showcased a number of memorable ‘hugot’ lines that are now popular among OTWOListas. 


Lines such as ‘kapag mahal ka, babalikan ka’ and ‘bakit hindi nila tayo maintindihan? Why do I have to let you go?’ are now frequently used and are part of the vocabulary of solid OTWOListas.


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