Love and Pain in Verses: The 13 Ultimate Hugot Pieces in OTWOL - Part 3
10) Panalangin
Rico dedicates his poem to Jigs who met an accident while riding his motorcycle. His best friend can only pray that his words are enough to appease him. "Nagmahal ka at nawasak." Jigs prays that he will once again find the hope and innocence similar to that of a child's.

11) Bisita
Rico tells a poem about moving on. Smile as if you're fine. Make an ex-lover a cup of coffee as if you haven't done the same thing before for every single day while you're still together. Look away if he/she looks at you. Smile and hold on to the present. We are, after all, but visitors in each other's lives.

12) Babala

Rico performs in front of Angela, Tita Jack, and Jigs. He shares a piece about taking a leap and taking a chance with love despite knowing that what comes with it is the possible risk of pain. Be prepared with having to give it your all. "Hindi mo masasabing nabuhay ka na, hangga't di ka pa umiibig."

13) Kasaysayan
"Ilang beses ko nang narinig na para maging payapa ang kasalukuyan at ang hinaharap, maging mainam, balikan ang kasaysayan." History lessons are there to provide guides for the future but sometimes, a history of love, is the most painful. "Babalik ako sa simula."

In which of these pieces did you relate to the most? Hugot pa more!

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