Love and Pain in Verses: The 13 Ultimate Hugot Pieces in OTWOL - Part 2
5) Nagmamahal
Despite knowing how in love they are with each other, Leah continues to resist having a relationship with Clark for fear of being abandoned or hurt in the end. "Hindi ba't mas tinataya natin ang lahat kapag hindi tayo sumugal?" Rico poses. Even the poets of the old times had the same thing in mind—"’Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all." (Alfred Tennyson)

6) Noong Unang Beses Na Sabihin Ko Sa'yong Mahal Kita
Rico compares love with both light and darkness; one cannot feel the one without the other.

7) Limang Yugto ng Pag-ibig
Rico summarizes his realizations about love—the happiness it brings from even the simplest things, the waiting, the longing, and all the other emotions surrounding it. One can only pray for strength when one becomes enslaved by love and loss.

8) Ermitanya
Love can be a lot of things but we can't deny the fact that it's as elusive as hermit seeking respite in the woods. It can only be assumed that love could have that old woman who once gave all and eventually got tired and angered by the greediness of it all.

9) Basang Semento
It is true that changes that happen in your life are never pre-empted. New beginnings come without a warning until you're right there in that moment. Take a deep breath and cherish these moments.

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