Love and Pain in Verses: The 13 Ultimate Hugot Pieces in OTWOL
It is not often that poetry is read or listened to by a lot of people. It is regarded as one of the hardest to understand and sometimes even treated as a puzzle or a code that cannot be deciphered. In On the Wings of Love, however, this usually ignored form of expression has been organically woven into the story as the character of Rico (Juan Miguel "Gege" Severo) performs his spoken word poetry interspersed with related scenes of Clark, Leah, or Jigs.

In a previous interview, Gege—a spoken word artist himself in real life—said: "I'm happy that more people now have become aware of the existence of spoken word as an art form, but I'm a bit pressured because the first few were all well-received. At the same time, worried din ako about misrepresenting the form. I want the people to know na spoken word is not exclusively about love and heartache."

Hugot lines or not, Rico has definitely caught our attention with his saksak-puso lines that we'll listen to again and again anyway. He has already delivered six pieces of poetry to date.

1) Sampung Bagay na Natutunan Ko sa mga Umiibig
Rico dedicates this poem to those who has loved and lost, and will probably do it again despite the pain. He enumerated the ten things he learned about love, from its sweet beginning to its bitter end.

2) Para kay Jigs
Before Jigs left for the United States, he meets up with his friends for a night of drinks. Rico gives him a touching message about their friendship as he wishes his friend good luck on his voyage.

3) Ang Mga Lugar ay Pawang Mga Lugar Lamang
Clark and Leah started out as fake husband and wife with a fixed marriage. The two eventually fell in love, and since their marriage is part of an agreement, it was only a matter of time before they are forced to separate. In a scene filled with a montage of the couple's memories, Rico delivers some lines that speak about longing and farewell.

4) Kapag Sinabi Kong Mahal Kita
Rico starts his next piece by sharing an anecdote about a difficult yet wonderful relationship. "Kapag sinabi kong mahal kita, ang ibig kong sabihin, pagpapaguran ko ito." And Clark did just that, even having to fetch water for the whole tenement where Leah lives.

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