10 Most Viewed Kilig Scenes of ‘On The Wings of Love’ Part 2

6. On The Wings Of Love: Wedding
Views as of writing: 1,218,672 views

Clark and Leah finally got married in a simple but romantic wedding.

7. On The Wings Of Love: I Love You
Views as of writing: 1,213,933 views

After an intense fight, Clark finally admitted his love for Leah.

8. On The Wings Of Love: Accidental Kiss
Views as of writing: 1,182,832 views

Clark accidentally kissed Leah during their photo shoot.

9. On The Wings Of Love: Wake up, Sleeping Beauty!
Views as of writing: 1,167,542 views

While Leah was still sleeping, Clark tried to wake her up with a kiss.

10. On The Wings Of Love: Sleeping together
Views as of writing: 1,035,108 views

After a very tiring day, Clark decided to sleep beside Leah.

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