10 Most Viewed Kilig Scenes of ‘On The Wings of Love’

2015’s Most Romantic Teleserye “On The Wings of Love” landed on our television screens last August 10, 2015. OTWOListas all over the world fell in love with the unconventional love story of Clark Medina (James Reid) and Leah Olivar (Nadine Lustre). Today, to celebrate the first anniversary of “OTWOL”, let us reminisce the 10 most viewed kilig scenes of Hubby and Wifey in the groundbreaking teleserye.

1. On The Wings Of Love: Approved Kiss
Views as of writing: 2,482,954 views

Clark and Leah celebrated the approval of Leah’s US citizenship with a tight hug and a sweet tender kiss.

2. On The Wings Of Love: Love for each other
Views as of writing: 2,436,609 views

After holding back for so long, Clark and Leah finally expressed their love and feelings for each other.

3. On The Wings Of Love: Taking care of
Views as of writing: 1,631,222 views

When Clark wasn’t feeling well, Leah took care of him and never left his side.

4. On The Wings Of Love: Kiss in the rain
Views as of writing: 1,304,292 views

After admitting his feelings, Clark romantically kissed Leah in the rain.

5. On The Wings Of Love: Discover
Views as of writing: 1,228,335 views

Leah and Clark started to discover certain things about each other when they lived together under one roof.

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