REVIEW: OTWOL’s Last Flight was one exhilarating, kilig spectacle from which you can’t just move on
The kiss


And as the celebrant pronounced that they are “man and wife” and told James “you may now kiss your wife,” the most electrifying and exhilarating moment in Philippine television came—they kissed on the lips for several seconds. Then, they did it again due to an overwhelming clamor from those present.

At the reception, Clark and Leah reiterated their vows to one another saying that whatever happens, they will be there for each other. Clark’s aunt Jack (Cherry Pie Picache) recalled how she made it possible for the two to meet, and witnessed their difficult journey as a couple and finally really fell in love. Leah’s Tatang Sol (Joel Torre) reminded them that such difficulties won’t end. They should be prepared and overcome all their difficulties together.

As they left the reception area, they made their way to the live audience at the Ynares Center. Before a cheering crowd of thousands, they went onstage in their wedding outfits to sing the show’s theme song, “On the Wings of Love.”  They again kissed passionately, to the delight of the shrieking, kilig-much live audience.

The honeymoon


Their honeymoon? A glimpse of it was shown as well with Clark teasing a clueless Leah before pulling her into the bed and celebrate their love. And, the show ends with Clark and Leah kissing near the Golden Gate bridge, happily married in San Francisco.

Indeed, the entire spectacle was truly more experiential than being a narrative. You really need to watch it to appreciate it. The camera angles, the editing, production design, and of course the honesty you could feel in JaDine’s acting, especially when they tearfully saw each other in the wedding march and exchange their vows. You would certainly feel something genuine between the two.

All is attributed to one engaging piece put together by directors Antoinette Jadaone, Jojo A. Saguin, and Dan Villegas, who really thought more about how they could please an overwhelming bulk of giddy fans than do it by the book. That live staging of the final scenes was definitely a brilliant idea. A great factor in this series is how they pushed the envelope in offering a teleserye that’s a cut above the rest. Moreso with molding and exhorting James and Nadine, who just completed their first-ever teleserye, into the being the sensational reel-to-real life couple they are and hopefully forever.
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