REVIEW: OTWOL’s Last Flight was one exhilarating, kilig spectacle from which you can’t just move on

In what was eagerly anticipated as the happiest of all happy endings in teleseryes, On the Wings of Love really made it utterly unforgettable.


The Last Flight is one respite in the heart-tugging emotional lead-up, and of course the most long-awaited conclusion to a roller-coaster ride that captured the hearts of audiences everywhere. Clark and Leah are finally home for that real wedding and everyone is at bliss—from the characters in the show to the live audience at Ynares Center in Antipolo City, and of course the millions watching at home.

Finding Pampu


It’s one destined moment, actually, with Clark (James Reid) and Leah (Nadine Lustre) realizing it as they arrived in the airport. They see a dove that reminded Leah of her old pet, Pampu. And, as Leah recognized it was really Pampu having seen distinguishable marks, Clark recounted how he saved a dove when he was a kid and returned it to its owners. Leah asked where he returned it, Clark said to a family in Sta. Mesa. Leah was surprised at the revelation because it was actually she and her ate Tiffany that received their missing pet at their old home from a lovable and charming young boy. “Ikaw pala yun,” Leah said. Clark replied, “What a love story! Kakampi natin pala ang tadhana.”

And the succeeding scenes were just breathtaking and picturesque as both Clark and Leah prepared for their wedding. On top of that was an endearing voice—Rico (Juan Miguel Severo) reciting a spoken word poem, 10 Bagay na Natuto Sa Akin ng Pag-ibig, that truly depicted how love triumphed in the end for the couple.

Touching vows


The wedding then commences with Clark and Jigs, his best man, taking their place near the altar and all the key characters marching in that scenic church.  In what is seen as a defining moment, Leah arrives in an old-style jeepney and enters the church in all splendor wearing that stunning Paul Cabral-designed wedding gown.

Both are left to tears upon seeing each other. As the march ends and both reach the altar, they exchange their meaningful, self-made wedding vows. Clark said he waited long for this and “it was worth the wait and worth every sad and happy memory.”
He added: “Leah, you are worth every fight. And you are worth every wait. I promise that my love will be greater than the time I have to wait and the distance I have to travel to be with you. Sa 'yo lang ako.”

For her part, Leah expressed extreme joy that Clark stands before her in their wedding. “Ngayon nandito ka na, nandito ako…ngayon, laging magiging mas masaya.”

She added: “Kahit matupad ko ang mga pangarap ko, kung di kita kasama baliwala yung mga 'yun. You made me soar higher than my dreams could ever take me. Hinding-hindi kitang iiwan dahil mahal kita.”
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