Pinoy ppop phenoms SB19 can't seem to miss hitting different milestones. The boy group made the list of popular YouTube pop culture channel Ms. Mojo's list of "Best Modern Boy Bands" emerging from the year 2000 onwards at number 20 alongside a list of very formiadable global groups.

"While the Hallyu wave turned the attention to K-pop, this up-and-coming boy band is eager to represent P-pop a.k.a. Pinoy pop on the international scene. The incredibly talented ensemble blends a wide variety of musical stylings and sensibilities to form a wholly unique sound. SB19's ambitious choices have helped them become trailblazers for new generation of Pinoy music," narrator Rebecca aka WatchMojoLady said. 

"After going viral in 2019, their fame led to the band making music history by earning top Billboard music award nominations," Rebecca continued. "To honor their impact, SB19 has been officially named youth ambassadors for representing the Philippines culture and stories around the world."

K-pop group BTS was adjudged the top modern boy band in the list while former British-Irish boy band One Direction and American siblings Jonas Brothers were also high on the list. K-pop acts such as EXO, SHINee, SEVENTEEN, SuperM, and BIGBANG made majority of the list while In Real Life. Justice Crew, JLS, The Wanted, New Hope Club, Big Time Rush, Why Don't We, The Vamps, CNCO, PRETTYMUCH, and 5 Seconds of Summer also got nods.

The group was recently featured anew on the cover of Spotify's Ppop on the Rise playlist with their furbabies to celebrate National Pets Day. They also won six awards at the 4th National Village Pipol Awards: Ppop Song and Music Video of the Year for "WYAT"(Where You At)", Composer of the Year for John Paulo Nase ("WYAT"), Fashion Influencer of the Year for Ken Suson, Male Tiktok Face of the Year for Stellverster Ajero, and Group Performer of the Year Hall of Fame.