Japanese superstar rock group ONE OK ROCK are bringing Luxury Disease Asia Tour to Manila this 2023 at Smart Araneta Coliseum on September 26. This is the first time in five years for ONE OK ROCK to bring their tour to Asia after the cancellation in 2020. 

Formed in 2005, the band’s journey to the top was undoubtedly fueled by their penchant for making rock music exciting again – with their innate ability to add flare and an unmistakable magnitude to their expansive repertoire of stadium-sized anthems, like “Wherever You Are,” “We Are,” “Stand Out Fit In” and the uplifting “The Beginning,” to name a few. Though critics have attempted to label their music in many ways – emo, post-hardcore, post-grunge or modern electronic/alternative – the music of ONE OK ROCK is just undeniably grandiose, and does not let up not even a bit. In short, Filipino fans will definitely have the time of their lives singing and screaming-along to each word.

5). "We Are"

It’s no easy feat to perfectly describe and encapsulate the magnitude that Japanese rock superstars ONE OK ROCK have brought to modern music. Simply because ONE OK ROCK is not just one thing – it’s not just a band, it’s not just the music or the incendiary live performances or the unique personas of each of its members, no…ONE OK ROCK is an experience – one that is both irresistible and unforgettable once you have your first taste of the excitingly magnificent production they have since perfected.

This show was originally sold in record time, now limited seats have been added. For details, go to and

Ticket Price:

PHP 9500(Platinum Zone)

PHP 8000 (Gold Zone)

PHP 7500 (Patron A)

PHP 6500(Patron B)

PHP 4500(Box A)

PHP 3000 (Box B)

*Ticketing charges apply

Here's the rest of the Top 10 songs on our wishlist for tomorrow:

10). "Vandalize"

9). "yokubou michita ni michita seinendan"

8). "Save Yourself"

7). "Let Me Let You Go"

6). "Renegades"

4). "The Beginning"

3). "Make It Out Alive"

2). "Stand Out Fit in"

1). "Wherever You Are"