The wait is finally over for both faithful followers and smash indie-alternative outfit DILAW, as they finally released their much-awaited debut EP Sansinukob under Warner Music Philippines last March 24th, 2023.

After a very successful year comprised of incendiary live performances and well-received singles, the band - featuring the core duo of vocalist and chief lyricist Dilaw Obero and guitarist/instrumentalist Vie Dela Rosa, drummer Tobi Samson, bassist Wayne Dela Rosa, guitarist Leon Altomonte and keyboardist En Altomonte – is just as excited as their growing fanbase with the upcoming release.

Audience interest in the band has grown given “Uhaw” peaked at #2 on Spotify's Viral 50 chart immediately after its release last year. “Uhaw (Tayong Lahat)” landed the #6 spot on Spotify’s Top 50 and is a top 3 OPM song in the Philippines at some point last week. It is currently on the top spot of Spotify Philippines' Viral 50 chart. The track also gained notable streams abroad, making it to #4 on the Viral Global 50. With the EP release, the band is ready to blend into the universe.

Brimming with a veritable love for both musical adventurousness and an unwavering desire to inspire change, Sansinukob is “a collection of songs that speaks about the universal experience and struggles people face – and seeks ways to help people understand themselves and the world better,” says Obero, when asked what ties the singles together, while Dela Rosa adds: “There’s a desire and encouragement for us to connect with something larger than ourselves – and for us to take an active role in creating a more just and compassionate society.”

And listeners will immediately hear it, especially after they revisit Dilaw’s first singles, like “3019” which was a fierce, no-holds-barred commentary against corruption, “Kaloy” which was a more introspective look at human nature and roles of individuals in the world, and “Uhaw,” the band’s closest track to a ballad, which explored the big theme of love – in all shapes, sizes, and situations. Also included in the upcoming EP is another previously unreleased track “Maskara,” an ode and plead for people to remain true to themselves, despite societal expectations and pressure to conform.

Of course, the title track also pulls no stops, with its dreamy, vintage musical vibe and trademark artful lyricism, which seemingly pleas for answers from the universe, and expresses an immense desire in searching for the truth – almost in a chant-like form of prayer. Needless to say, the music is just as intense and dynamic as the track’s overall theme and is a guaranteed favorite for fans who’ve been excitedly waiting for the next phase in Dilaw’s musical journey.

Fans were given the opportunity to hear the EP live in its entirety for the first time last March 23rd, as the band had an event, simply dubbed Dilaw Sessionz – Sansinukob EP Launch held at Balcony Music House, Poblacion Makati. They were be joined by fellow artists NOAH ALEJANDRE, YUN and MUNIMUNI.

So waste no time and spread the word, as Dilaw continues to deliver the goods and carry the torch for local OPM.

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