The story of Filipinos in the land of milk and honey unfold in OTWOL’s first episode
The teleserye launch of James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s On the Wings of Love premiered last night on Kapamilya Primetime Bida. Nadine played the character of Leah, a girl who has dreams of going to the United States of America so she could visit her Mom’s final resting place. She also feels that “America” will give her a brighter future. As she sets foot in San Francisco as part of a chorale competition, a fellow Pinoy named Clark (portrayed by James) literally walks into her arms.

The premiere of On the Wings of Love is watched by raving Twitter fans as it trended worldwide with a whopping 1.3 million tweets.

The story revolves around the plight of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) such as Clark, his Tita Jack, Leah and her mom before her.  Leah’s mom went to America to give them “better lives” than what they have in the Philippines. At first, she was able to send them goodies from “America” and she was able to buy a home for the family. But Leah’s mom met an accident and died. Leah’s dad had no money to bring the remains of her mom back to the Philippines and she was buried in American soil while her family grieved her death in the Philippines. After which, the family survived from their father’s meager income as a jeepney driver. They also lost their home and had to live in a tenement.

Ever since her mom told her of her American dream Leah hasn't stopped dreaming the same dreams her Mom did. After the chorale competition, she has plans of staying in San Francisco to look for a job so she could send money for her sister and her son and her hardworking but ailing father.

Meanwhile, Clark is working in San Francisco as a bellboy. He sends his earnings to his brother in the Philippines because as he says, “he needs it more than I do.” In truth, Clark lives in a small apartment and is doing his best to make ends meet. Clark has applied for American citizenship but it has proved elusive to date. His Tita Jack is his ally in the US. A former TNT (illegal immigrant), Jack has finally gotten her green card and has filed a petition for her son Jigs.  

Will Leah fair better than her mom? Will she find success in America? Will Clark be granted citizenship soon?

Keep on watching On the Wings of Love on Primetime Bida after Pangako Sa ‘Yo.