James and Paulo showdown continue in "On The Wings Of Love"

The battle for Leah’s (Nadine Lustre) attention gets more intense.

Clark (James Reid) and Simon (Paulo Avelino) continue to compete and outshine each other during Leah’s surprise birthday in the top-rating teleserye “On the Wings of Love.”

Instead of having the spotlight on Leah during her special day, Clark and Simon attract everyone’s attention as they try to beat each other in a karaoke showdown.

Clark and Simon’s rivalry even goes beyond the karaoke session when Clark sees Simon giving Leah a kiss on the cheek during the party. Thinking Simon went out of the line, Clark confronts Leah about the kiss and tells her about his gut feel that Simon fancies her.

Will Simon’s birthday kiss on the cheek cause a big fight between the engaged couple? Will it lead to a series of events that will eventually tear them apart as seen on the latest “On the Wings of Love” teaser?

The latest teaser unveiled the heart breaking future of Clark and Leah’s love story and showed tell-tale signs that the couple are living separate lives. It showcased Clark and Leah bumping into each other in the very same spot where they first met in San Francisco and their separate visits to their most cherished spots in the city where their love story all began.

Where will Clark and Leah’s love story head to? Find out in “On the Wings of Love,” Mondays to Fridays after “Pangako Sa’Yo” in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.