Why do we all watch OTWOL?
3) It’s about OFWs

The best thing about OTWOL is that it transcends the typical primetime drama and tackles the plight of working class citizens, particularly OFWs—and not the rich haciendero vs poor farmer family overused plots in most soaps. As a very high percentage of Filipino families, if not the big majority, have OFWs to support them, it’s so welcome to watch a show that mirrors their realities and tickles their fancies.

4) Journey of love is breathtaking

Yes, it started with a marriage for convenience—something very relatable and familiar to an overwhelming number of migrant Filipinos. But the way Clark and Leah went on with their initial arrangement and eventually true love, was heartwarming and kilig-crazy. This, despite a long road of hurdles and threats to a real and lasting wedding vow, such as a cute Jigs or that dapper Simon, and that awful “break-up”. Yes, the journey was long—from their instant attraction to true love. At times, the audience finds it frustrating to see it not blossom as it should but are enamored of what might be. Yet, definitely, you just know everything will turn out fine, with that look, touch, and embrace that show they seem inseparable, and ready for forever. That’s a love story for the books.

5) Standout love team

Who else can draw the crowds to this engaging and spectacular teleserye than the phenomenal love team JaDine? Not only that they do have a wide following, but also an organic and natural on-screen chemistry that electrified the nation. Some other pair-ups can exchange I love you’s or other romantic lines with emphasis and meaning. They seem to do it in all honesty and realistically, and that’s what makes us all giddy and watch every single episode of OTWOL—shriek and scream when all goes for the better, and cry unabashedly in despair when all is uncertain and gloomy. They have stood out because we knew the love was real and, as a result, landed a place in our hearts through it all.

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