10 Kantahan Moments in On the Wings of Love
The song "On the Wings of Love" was written and performed by Jeffrey Osborne as one of the tracks for his self-titled debut album. The single peaked at Number 29 on the Billboard Hot 100, a standard record chart in the US since the late 50s.

The classic song has been revived once again, this time in a hit teleserye, through the show of the same name. Aside from the opening theme, Clark, Leah, and the whole OTWOL family performed other songs that gave us LSS. Here are just some of their kantahan moments:

1) Leah Sings in San Francisco
Leah finally fulfilled her American dream of coming to the United States. Her choir group, the San Bartolome Youth Choir, was part of the San Fransciso International Choir Competition held in the hotel where Clark works. Incidentally, Leah sang a solo of the song "On the Wings of Love" and, unbeknownst to everyone, her future husband heard it.

2) Leah Sings at the Karaoke Club
At a get-together at a karaoke club, Clark sees another side of Leah when she is urged by Tita Jack to sing a song for them. She performed a Pinoy hit "Nosi Ba Lasi."

3) Leah Sings a Lullaby for Her Nephew
Gabby, Tiffany's son, was confined in the hospital because of dengue. To appease her nephew back in the Philippines, Leah sang a song for him while on the phone in front of Clark.

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