Friday Five: Most Heartbreaking Scenes in On The Wings of Love
Despite its "romantic comedy" label, light moments, and hugot lines buried deep on jokes and witty dialogues, OTWOL is still about a story about love and its permanent partner: loss. We have learned from the teleserye's resident poet Rico, from the whole season, and maybe from our own experiences that there is always the risk of getting hurt, having one's heart smashed into pieces, and being utterly devastated when one dives into a relationship.

Here are just some of the most tear-jerking scenes in OTWOL that ripped our hearts out as we cried for Clark and Leah:

1) Staged Separation
Clark and Leah got married as part of an agreement. The former needed money while the latter needed a green card. Despite this, the relationship in the fixed marriage became a real one and the two didn't want to separate. If not for Tita Jack, whom Clark regards as his second mom, the two could not have had a "staged separation" wherein they had to show their neighbors that they're marriage is falling apart and they could easily get a divorce. The confrontation scene, however, almost became real as the two exchanged lines that caused pain to both of them. "Masakit talaga 'yan, lalo na kapag nagmahal ka nang totoo," was all Manang could say when Leah called her up.

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