Jigs & Angela: Finding Love Again
OTWOL viewers were introduced to 24-year-old café owner Angela Stevens (Ysabel Ortega) in the latter part of 2015. Clark (James Reid) works for her family's company as the provider of furniture and other woodworks needed for their hip and chic coffee shop called Sun & Moon Café. Because of their closeness, Leah (Nadine Lustre) started getting jealous of her. Who can forget the not-so-subtle tap on the shoulder and could-be-malicious beso? Our leading lady can't help but be insecure of Angela's beauty

Of course, Clark assured Leah of his love and they lived happily ever after (until the current weeks). But before fast forwarding to the recent turn of events, Angela's role in OTWOL became a good thing for heartbroken Jigs (Albie Casiño). How? Let’s do some backtracking.


Jigs' first close encounter with Angela was during the young man's job interview after he returned to the Philippines from San Francisco. He confessed that he wants to turn his life around and being a manager at Sun & Moon Café can help him do that. Angela was impressed and hired him immediately.


While at work, the two got to know each other better. Jigs found out that Angela paints, Angela met Jigs' friends, and they even shared their stories of past loves.




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