Why Clark’s marriage proposal to Lea is the sweetest
Clark’s marriage proposal to Leah on On the Wings of Love trended number one on Twitter with almost two million tweets.

It was a sweet, calm, and simple proposal. It was just Leah and Clark mostly walking and talking at the resort where Leah’s family and friends were also staying.

But no OTWOLista will forget the time Leah took a picture of her “happy memory number 6: Sunset.” And how Clark promised to make more happy memories with his “wifey.”

OR, when Clark and Leah reminisced their happy and not so happy (but makukulit) moments together and sealed this with a kiss.

And who could forget the time when Clark wanted to do things right (Leah was the one who kneeled and begged Clark to marry her the first time they got married for the wrongs reasons) and kneeled to ask Leah for her hand.

Clark even found a ring to match the ring he remembered Leah liked and was talking to.

Who could forget Leah’s “yes clark” and the way she cried and hugged Clark after.

And because Clark was doing everything right, he has the support of Mang Sol, Manang Tiffany and the rest of Leah and Clark’s friends.

It wasn’t a grand marriage proposal, but for OTWOListas and for every girl who’s ever dreamed of this gesture from her hubby-to-be, it was the perfect. Short, sweet, and sincere.