Why fans cried their hearts out for #OTWOLFightforLove
Everything is going peachy for Leah and Clark. They’re at that point where they know they love each other and Clark is only too willing to fight for their love. But why are fans crying because of the On the Wings of Love Fight for Love episode?

Let’s enumerate why OTWOListas cried buckets:

ONE: Clark professed how much he loves Lea and that he will fight for her

TWO: When Lea takes a photo of Clark right before he leaves for work and she calls it, “Happy memory number 5, my husband.”

THREE: After the door closes Clark is in high spirits after his “wifey” calls him “husband,” however on the other side of the door Leah is crying profusely like she is about to hurt Clark and break her promise to him.

FOUR: Leah’s Mom arrives and Leah is very happy, until a kid calls her “Nanang” “Mom.” Leah closes the door on her Mom. Leah sobs as she remembers the promises made to her by her Mom when she was a little girl.

FIVE: Clark comes home carrying roses only to find out his wifey has gone back to the Philippines. He hurries to the airport and every OTWOLista is at the edge of their seat rooting for Clark to make it on time.

SIXTH: That oh-so-painful scene at the airport when Clark finds Leah and he cries and begs her not to go. But Leah insists that she needs to go back to the Philippines because there are just too many lies in America.

These are the reasons why #OTWOLFightforLove broke OTWOListas’ hearts and made them cry. They’re also looking forward to next day’s episode where Clark will be coming to the Philippines to be with his “wifey.”

Even director Joey Reyes took time to congratulate OTWOL stars Nadine Lustere and James Reid and said he is “KILIG MUCH.”