Why a drunk Clark melted OTWOlistas’ hearts
OTWOListas or those going gaga (writer not excluded) over the kilig serye On the Wings of Love, expressed how today’s episode #OTWOLLoveDrunk melted their hearts, this time in a funny-kilig way.

It began when Mang Sol had this funny idea of getting Clark drunk to get to know him better, because according to him, a drunk man is an honest man. So Clark arrives and before the drinking spree begins, Mang Sol asks Clark to call him, “Your Highness, Sir Sol,” to which a respectful Clark agreed. 

Then, Clark was put in the hot seat as he was asked questions by Mang Sol. One of the questions was whether Clark is gay.

At one point, Clark cracked a joke, saying he was, among other things, a “macho dancer” in America. When his claim was met by a scary silence, he then said, “joke.”

Clark became more endearing as he drunk more and became sweet and clingy and kept referring to Leah as his “wifey.”

And what about that moment when he declared, for the entire neighborhood to hear, that he loves Leah.

Also later, those bedroom scenes when it felt like Clark was seducing Lea when he expressed his honest feelings for her and called her sweet nothings:

Such is the kilig of OTWOListas that the #OTWOLLoveDrunk hashtag landed in the third spot on Twitter up until the wee hours of Thursday, October 15.