OTWOL's Resident Poet: From Local Bars to National Television
"Para sa Mga Tawa..."

In an interview with ABS-CBN.com, Severo narrated how he got into the art: "I was frustrated over not getting parts every time I audition for film and theater. I was desperate to perform. When I encountered spoken word I thought it's perfect because if I write material for myself then I wouldn't have to audition."

Spoken word is an art form wherein one performs poetry, weaving together both the poetic elements and theatrical components. Unlike page poetry, the verse form takes into account the blank spaces and silences on a page. On the other hand, spoken word takes into consideration the tone, gestures, and facial expressions one has while telling a story to an audience. Spoken word may sometimes be in collaboration with other art forms such as music, visual arts, and theater.

"I'm happy that more people now have become aware of the existence of spoken word as an art form, but I'm a bit pressured because the first few were all well-received. At the same time, worried din ako about misrepresenting the form. I want the people to know na spoken word is not exclusively about love and heartache," Severo further said. After all, he became famous for his hugot lines and saksak-puso poems as he performed in various venues like Conspiracy Bar in Quezon City and Intramuros, and even reaching as far as Vigan.

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