OTWOL: Flying high up on the different kinds of love
It is no secret that viewers young and old have been captured by the primetime teleserye On The Wings of Love given its high ratings and trending topics on Twitter every episode.

Viewers get to relate to its characters, primarily leads Leah and Clark, as played by bankable love team Nadine Lustre and James Reid. After all, On The Wings of Love does not only focus on the usual romance, but it shows love in its man3y different kinds.

1.    Love for Family

The love for one’s family has been a very visible theme in the TV series.

The reasons why Leah went to the United States was to search for her mother and eventually, to provide for her father and sister who were left in the Philippines. She even married U.S. citizen Clark to earn a green card and stay longer in America.

Meanwhile, Clark is a dedicated son who strives to save money to send to his family in the Philippines. He also showed a tremendous amount of respect for his Tita Jack when he decided to keep and even disregard his feelings for Leah as her son Jigs was Leah’s ex-boyfriend.

Jack, on the other hand, kept on working to provide for her only son Jigs. A single mother, she also kept on reaching out to him no matter how much Jigs pushes her away.

And speaking of Jigs, despite his cranky behavior towards his mother, is just a son who only longs for her attention and love.

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