Paul’s killer has finally been arrested
On Oh My G!, Lucy asked Sophie if she has been taking in alcohol or drugs and she immediately assured her aunt she is not taking any dangerous substance.


Feeling sad while at the mall with Lucy and Miley, she began receiving text messages from G. She felt annoyed but she suddenly received a phone call from Teacher Ninang. Rose invited her over as her Ninong has finally come home from his work abroad.


Meanwhile, Lucy expressed her anxiety to Santi about not being able to pay their debts to Mrs. Marfori. Santi assured her that as soon as they become the official guardians of Sophie, their problem will finally be solved.


Sophie, on the other hand, had a debate with Gabby about the existence of God. Gabby told her that there is nothing wrong with believing that there is a God. Hence, later that evening, Sophie sent text messages to G, asking that if he is really God, she wishes to talk to her parents. However, she did not receive any text message or call from him until the next morning.


After school, Santi picked up Sophie and Miley to inform them that the suspect who killed Paul has been arrested already. Sophie insisted that she wants to see her father’s killer.


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