Ningning Moments that'll Make You Cry Again and Again
The daytime drama series Ningning (Jana Agoncillo) has brought tears in our eyes in almost every episode since it started in July last year. It follows the life of the little girl born in a secluded island called Isla Baybay. She grew up living a simple and happy life with her father Dondon (Ketchup Eusebio), a fisherman, and her mother Lovely (Beauty Gonzales). The family also lives with her grandmother Mamay (Sylvia Sanchez). Our lead character's name "Ningning" is just apt for the little girl's bright and sunny attitude despite the many challenges that they face.

1) Ningning Says Goodbye to Isla Baybay
A strong typhoon ravished Isla Baybay and destroyed Tatay Dondon's fishing boat. With no hopes of continuing his livelihood given the situation, his family has no other choice but to leave the island they call home and start a whole new life in the city. In tears, Ningning says goodbye to Isla Baybay and her Mamay.

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