"Ningning" finally finds potential cornea donor in show's final week

Hope once more ignites in Ningning’s (Jana Agoncillo) life with the arrival of a potential cornea donor in the last week of the consistent top-rating weekday program.

Teacher Hope (Ria Atayde) receives a phone call about a potential cornea donor for Ningning and she immediately informs Ningning and Dondon on the positive development that could be the answer to help bring back the shine and light in Ningning’s eyes.

Although Ningning was saddened by Peter’s death, her cornea donor, she was touched that Peter promised to donate his cornea to her so she could see clearly again.

The news also lifted the spirits of Ningning’s family and friends who were deeply troubled when they found out that Ningning could not see anymore.

“Ningning” also continues to inspire lives and teach viewers the importance of positivity and hope.

Last Sunday, the whole cast came full-force in Starmall Alabang to spread happiness and love to their supporters. Led by Jana Agoncillo, John Steven de Guzman (Macmac), Sylvia Sanchez (Mamay), Ketchup Eusebio (Dondon), Nyoy Volante (Johnny), Vandolph Quizon (Otep) and Ria Atayde, the “Maningning na Pasasalamat” was a successful event wherein the “Ningning” stars showcased their singing and dancing chops in front of their cheering fans.

The cast of “Ningning” is also encouraging Filipinos to become an instrument of hope by pledging to become a cornea donor to people who are diagnosed with eye related illnesses just like Ningning. Interested donors may contact Eye Bank Philippines. For more information, visit www.eyebankphil.org.

Will Ningning’s cornea transplant become successful? Find out in the last week of “Ningning,” weekdays before “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN.