Ningning admits fear of going blind to her father

Ningning (Jana Agoncillo) will confess her fear of blindness to her father Dondon (Ketchup Eusebio), after being diagnosed with aggressive corneal dystrophy by her doctor in the top-rating morning weekday Kapamilya teleserye.

In a heart-to-heart father and daughter talk, Ningning will tell Dondon that she doesn’t want to go blind and lose her clear eyesight forever.

Ningning’s admission of fear will fuel a devastated Dondon to go above and beyond to find a cornea donor for his only child.

But will Dondon’s efforts be successful? Will the spark in Ningning’s eyes eventually fade or will the threat of blindness be prevented?

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“Ningning” aims to teach Filipinos that life is beautiful despite of dark and difficult circumstances.