5 lessons we can all learn from the TV show, “Ningning”

After almost 6 months of brightening our days, the well-loved daytime teleserye, Ningning starring Jana Agoncillo will finally conclude this Friday, January 15.

A drama series centered on relationships and good values, we list down 5 lessons we can all learn from the show’s characters.

1. Ningning: Be forgiving

Remember the time when Mac Mac did not want to forgive his mother who after leaving them, has returned? Knowing the importance and joy of having a parent by one’s side, Ningning who lost hers, convinced Mac Mac to give his mother another chance.

2. Lolo Kiko: Be optimistic

After learning about Ningning’s eye condition, Teacher Hope confided her worries to Lolo Kiko, saying that Ningning might lose her enthusiasm to live because of this. However, Lolo Kiko believes that all hope isn’t gone, “There is still hope. I know that somehow, somewhere, a cornea donor is gonna come just for Ningning.”

3. Ningning’s family and friends: Have faith in God

This episode emphasized the importance of prayer as family members and friends respectively sought for a miracle to help their beloved Ningning not lose her eyesight.

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